Manicures take approximately 30 minutes. Our manicures are water-free and include shaping the nail  (buffing, filing), cleaning cuticles, and applying the polish.

Deluxe Gel/Shellac Manicure


CND Vinylux Manicure


Standard Manicure


Polish Change


Mini Mani (ages 10 and under)




Pedicures take approximately 45 minutes. They are a treat between exfoliating in our sugar scrub, luxuriating in a heated foot bath to relaxing with a refreshing foot massage.

Our pedicures include shaping the toenail (buffing, filing), applying cuticle softener, cutting the cuticles, exfoliating using disposable pumice and a sugar scrub all over the foot, a heated foot bath in our FootsieBath system, a refreshing foot massage, and applying polish.

We use the ultra-hygienic FootsieBath system which features a single-use liner that is disposed of after one use to provide you with the cleanest possible environment.

Shellac Pedicure


Vinylux Pedicure


Standard Pedicure



Mini Pedi (ages 10 and under)


Add French


Add French Shellac


Shellac Additives
(sparkles, glitter, designs etc.)


Gift Certificates

We offer gift certificates in various amount that may be used for any of our services.


Prices are subject to change.