Shannon gave up a well-paid but high-stress corporate job to do something worthwhile. She founded Polished Nail Boutique in 2011 not just because she enjoys the work, but because she appreciates that something as simple as a manicure is a small luxury that refreshes the mind, making women from any walk of life feel fully polished. Her clients come for this oasis of relaxation and social connection where heart is central to everything.



Kathy walked into Polished Nail Boutique curious to try a shellac manicure and walked out with new inspiration. “Shannon’s story inspired me to pursue something that makes me happy,” Kathy says. At the time, she had been a retail pharmacist for nearly 10 years and was burned out and hating her job. Kathy had always enjoyed doing her own nails, so it wasn’t a big leap to nail school. In 2013, she started working at Polished on the weekends and the pharmacy on weekdays. “I absolutely love doing nails, going in everyday,” Kathy says. “I feel happy when I leave work now even if it has been a 10-hour day without a lunch break. It’s a no-stress, happy place.” She gave up the pharmacy for good in 2015 and hasn’t looked back.



Lucinda feels fortunate to have joined Polished Nail Boutique as a nail technician in 2015 after 17 years as a stay-at-home mom. While feeling deeply grateful for the time with her three growing children, she missed social interactions, as she had always worked in the service industry. At Polished, Lucinda meets incredible people who inspire her, while she also gets to indulge in her creativity. “I do nails because I know how I love feeling after a mani/pedi, and I feel taking care of yourself is key,” Lucinda says. ” My number one priority is making sure every client has a great experience. I love making people happy!” 


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Courtney left a 12 year marketing career to pursue her dream of becoming a nail technician. Nail art started as hobby for her—an outlet for her artistic inclinations. After 5 years of doing her own nails, she decided to take the plunge and The Nail Art Babe was born. Now she’s bringing her badass art skills to your nails! Courtney loves meeting kind people from all different walks of life - races, religions, genders, and orientations, etc. Whoever you are, she can't wait to get to know you while making your nails look fabulous! A few of her favorite things include: summer, ice cream, red wine, sarcasm & banter, card games, podcasts, crafting and painting the tiniest canvasses know to human kind (nails)! She’s a Boston area native and currently lives downtown. You can view her portfolio here: